3rd & 4th April 2017

    The 4th International conference is being held at the St.Peters Institute of Higher education and Research,in association with Scientific Communications Research Academy.The objective of ICGPC2017 is to utilize the scientific, technical, educational and research potential of the Green Technology community to contribute to a sustainable future.

    Green technology has been one of the most important issues in developing networking techniques and communication systems. Energy-efficient techniques used in networking and computing have recently received considerable attention. Green technologies foster environmental sustainability and the economics of energy efficiency. Reducing the energy consumption of computing and communication infrastructure in home, enterprise, and data centre environments by power-efficient technologies is an area of increasing importance for researchers, Industry and commercial entities.

    The important key issues of Green technologies are related to energy efficiency in computing and promoting environmentally friendly computer technologies and systems. Green networking technologies play a significant role in reducing energy consumption in terms of connecting energy-efficient networked equipment’s for a variety of applications, computing frameworks, and communication environments. The goal of this Third International conference on “Green technologies in power generation, Communication and Instrumentation-2017” is to explore the research and development of green technologies for wireless communications, mobile computing and Power Generation.

    Since 2013 this conference has brought engineers, researchers, technical experts and non-governmental organizations together creating a community of mineral professionals who evaluate the challenges of implementing sustainable practices in the Green Technologies.